Alfatronix Charger Wireless integrated H 9-32V DC 6mA


Alfatronix Charger Wireless integrated H 9-32V DC 6mA


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Alfacharge Kabelloses Kfz-Ladegerät 12/24 V DC

Kabelloses Handy-Lademodul zur Integration in die Fahrzeugausstattung.

Großer Eingang von 9-32 V DC
Nennleistung 5W – 6mA
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Extra Vibrationsschutz
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Gewicht (kg)0.070
Abschaltkriterium Delta-U0
Effizienz (%)50%-60%
ÜberspannungsschutzLimited by sensing circuit
Operating temperature-25ºC to +30ºC
ON-DiodeGreen/blue LED output indication
Storage temperature-25ºC to +100ºC
NormenEN50498, EN61373, EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN45545 & ISO 7637-2, R118
Certifications2014/30/EU The general EMC directive Regulation 10 The automotive directive 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
Protection class CE and E marked
Länge mm65.40
Breite mm56.40
Höhe mm14.00
Feuchtigkeit (%)95% max., non-condensing

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Wireless charging is becoming more and more the preferred method of maintaining battery power in mobile telephones with most of the latest designs from the major manufacturers including this feature as standard.

The AL1 wireless charger module is designed for integration into equipment on vehicles to allow this facility to extend to private and public transport applications. This module is typically housed in apparatus that enables mobile phones to be retained in position on the vehicle during charging. Typical applications include integration into seat back consoles and table tops.

The charging element is placed within 0.3mm of the casing exterior to allow for maximum performance in a wide range of situations. When designing into housing equipment, we recommend keeping the active face of the unit within 2.0mm of the passenger accessible area.

Designed for integration into passenger vehicles

  • Accepts both 12Vdc and 24Vdc
  • Extra vibration protection to EN61373
  • Approved to EN50498, ISO7637-2 and EN50155
  • E marked (Reg10) and CE marked
  •  Phone power contracts every millisecond to establish correct charge
  • Foreign object detection & activation
  • Convenient wide input of 9-32Vdc for wireless charger in one extrusion
  • LED to confirm correct operation                    


The AL1 Series of wireless chargers are manufactured using rugged components to provide years of services in demanding commercial environments and are covered by a three year return to base warranty.