Alfatronix Charger Wireless integrated 230V AC - 5V DC 9mA


Alfatronix Charger Wireless integrated 230V AC – 5V DC 9mA


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Alfacharge Kabelloses landgestütztes Ladegerät AL4-J

Landgestütztes drahtloses Netzlademodul für die gewerbliche Installation.

Eingangsspannung 5 V DC mit 230-V-Netzteil
Einfache Ratenzahlung
Einheit mit Schutzart IP65 
Sicherung geschützt
Anpassbar, um das Firmenlogo einzufügen und die Firmenfarben widerzuspiegeln


Gewicht (kg)0.160
Abschaltkriterium Delta-U0
Effizienz (%)50%-60%
ÜberspannungsschutzLimited by sensing circuit
Operating temperature-25ºC to +55ºC
ON-DiodeLED: Blue - standby, green - charging
Storage temperature-25ºC to +100ºC
NormenEN45545, EN61204 & R118
Certifications2014/30/EU The general EMC directive 93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
Protection class CE and E marked
Länge mm0.00
Breite mm98.00
Höhe mm15.30
Feuchtigkeit (%)95% max., non-condensing

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Wireless charging is increasingly becoming the preferred method of maintaining battery power in mobile devices, with most of the latest designs from the major manufacturers including wireless charging as standard.

The aesthetically pleasing design of the AL4-J wireless charger can easily be installed into furniture such as desks, bedside tables and counter tops, making them ideal for tough, publicly accessible areas where different users with a variety of mobile devices come and go. The modules are water resistant to IP65 and can withstand any spills and constant use. The high friction charging surface encourages the phone to stay in place. The installation couldn’t be simpler, insert the unit through an Ø80.0mm hole, secure from below and connect to power.

The wireless receiver of the charging unit will automatically detect the presence of suitably enabled mobile devices and will typically charge through a case up to 3.0mm thick.



The Alfacharge range has been designed to withstand the challenging demands of commercially used environments and is CE marked. The casings are made from V0-rated (self-extinguishing) high impact polycarbonate and the PCB is populated by computer-controlled SMT for maximum accuracy and durability.


The AL4-J wireless charger is manufactured using rugged components to provide years of service in demanding commercial environments and is covered by a three year return to base warranty.